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    Diagnosed at the age of 18 with degenerative eye disease, photographer Lara Miller was forced to come to terms with the fact that she would eventually go blind. Spurred on by a new found sense of wanderlust as a result of the confronting truth she had to face, Miller decided to packed her bags to travel the globe for 6 months alongside her husband – determined to make the most of her sight that she still had left.

    In stepping out into the world to explore all it has to offer, Miller travelled to 18 different countries to capture both the beauty and the wonder of the world as seen through her eye at the end of a camera lens – before she could see through it no longer. The result of this heart warming journey is 18 Exhibition, a series of photographic works shot by Miller and curated by friend and stylist Megan Morton.

    The subject of 18 Exhibition is as much about the journey of self discovery as it is about one persons discovery of the world. “I rediscovered that the strong person inside me is powerful, optimistic and resilient, even if I hit literal and figurative bumps along the way” explains Miller.

    Opening on the 14th of November and running until the 25th of December, 2015,  you can see Lara Miller’s 18 Exhibition in the flesh at The School in Rosebery, Sydney.

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    PHOTOGRAPHER: Lara Miller

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