10 Design Moments from Copenhagen’s 3daysofdesign

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    We take to the city’s streets with Cult Design for the 10th edition of 3daysofdesign Copenhagen to uncover highlights across interior design, furniture, lighting and textile design.

    Produced in partnership with Cult Design

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    Pale Rose Collection

    Home in Heaven x Louis Poulsen

    The archetypal Pale Rose collection by lighting pioneer Louis Poulsen was reimagined by glass artists Home in Heaven, led by Breanna Box and Peter Dupont. Using their recognisable trademark motifs such as horns and tentacles, Box and Dupont worked with Blowfish Glass’ Elliot Walker to handcraft coloured glass objects that take inspiration from Poulsen’s original pieces.

    House of Craft

    Carl Hansen & Søn

    United by their commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and a forward-thinking approach that embraces the future, ‘House of Craft’ by Carl Hansen & Søn captured 110 years of Danish furniture history. Visitors witnessed artisans at work and were encouraged to try their own hand at creating an abstract sculpture using wooden offcuts.

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    Expressions of Character

    Fritz Hansen

    Set to the fine arts backdrop of the Charlottenborg Palace, ‘Expressions of Character’ was based on the design DNA embedded within the Fritz Hansen brand and explored the relationship between art and design. Presented as a journey of artistic installations using iconic pieces, elements such as shapes, materials, colours, and light, offered recognisable pieces viewed through a new lens.

    Formakami Limited Edition by Jaimie Hayon


    Built on a bedrock of classics that date back to the 1920s, &Tradition today is shaped by design heavyweights and emerging talent to encompass sight, sound, scent, taste, and tactility. This year &Tradition invited visitors into their Copenhagen home to experience a sensory sojourn, including the new limited edition Formakami pendant, illustrated by Spanish multidisciplinary Jaime Hayon.

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    Chisel Lounge Chair


    Born from the desire to design a solid wood seat with a distinctive silhouette that would stand the test of time, Hay has released the Chisel lounge chair. Norwegian designer Andreas Bergsaker’s chair is a reference to a carpentry tool, both in name and in shape, characterised by generously dimensioned, bevelled wooden legs.

    Arcs Trolley and Mirror


    HAY’s passion lies in creating well-designed products in collaboration with the world’s most curious and courageous designers. Staying true to this are the Arcs trolley and Arcs mirror by Muller Van Severen x HAY, informing the latest additions to the successful Arcs series and offering a fun, kaleidoscope of colours and scalloped-edge shapes.

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    Apex Clip Light


    Another new addition to HAY’s collection was the inclusion of the Apex lamp by creative John Tree. Inspired by the form and function of the classic banker’s lamps, Apex’s shade is constructed from a single piece of folded steel that can be rotated to direct light. It is available as a table, desk and clip version and comes in various cheerful colours.

    Lari Portable Lamp


    Deeply rooted in the Scandinavian spirit of exploration, courage, and quality, Karakter presented a portfolio of furniture, lighting and objects that are honest and expressive. The Lari Mini lamp caught the Cult team’s eye, which consists of a single mouth-blown piece of glass atop a metal base. Lari mini is the portable version of Angelo Mangiarotti’s original Lari lamp, first crafted in 1978.

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    Pedal Bin


    Paying homage to the brand’s most recognisable product, Vipp celebrated its pedal bin’s humble origins within the walls of its freshly revived flagship store by interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard. First designed in 1939 when Marie Axelsen asked her husband Holger Nielsen to create a bin she could use in her hairdressing salon, the new edition embodies Axelsen’s favoured pale yellow hue.

    Chaconia Chair


    Touted as the Grande Dame of Danish design, Nanna Ditzel’s pieces break the traditional norms of 20th-century furniture construction. In production for the first time since its creation in 1962, the Chaconia Chair was released during 3daysofdesign by Fredericia and glorified Ditzel’s revolutionary spirit to deliver a sculptural collector’s item.

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