5 Desk Lights in White

  • Est-Magazine-table-Lamp

    We have been searching for desk lighting for our new office here at Est HQ – so naturally we thought we should share our little roundup of 5 desk lights we have found and loved in the colour white.

    If you have any lights to add, or think that you have struck gold on another, then let us know what light has struck your fancy and we will add to the light directory list we are building.

    Est Magazine table Lamp
    No205 Lamp Gras Table Lamp in White from Spence & Lyda

    Est Magazine BirdyT

    Birdy T Light by Forestier at Criteria Collection

    Est Magazine Moni Lamp

    Moni Table Lamp by Articolo Lighting

    Est Magazine LightLine535

    Light Line by Mary Wallis

    Est Magazine Jielde

    Jieldé Desk Light at Euroluce



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