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    The Stockholm based AG restaurant is designed for the Paleo lovers. Well not really. But the Paleo’s amongst you will love it.  While we love the design for its tanned leather banquettes, white tiled walls, cement floors and leather wrapped pale Oak Bentwood Chairs, meat lovers will appreciate being greeted by the hanging meat left tenderising in the steel and glass framed fridge at the front door. A real life piece of art for some.

    While this is not a vegetarians delight, AG restaurant is, if you find yourself in Stockholm as a Sarah Wilson ‘I Quit Sugar Disciple’, the perfect place to nourish your inner caveman instincts in style.

    Located in what was once a silver factory, the restaurant name refers to the buildings past life with the name AG also being the chemical symbol for silver (all of those Breaking Bad fanatics amongst you will know this having sat through five seasons of the opening sequence every episode?).

    Scandinavian designer Jonas Bohlin was responsible for the design using local suppliers for everything from the light fixtures made in Småland, and leather from Tännsjö. Defining AG as a ‘restaurant we’d like to go to ourselves’, chef Johan Jureskog and partner Klas Ljungqvist wanted to create a place where guests can relax and enjoy the company in which they find themselves while eating meals prepared using quality ingredients without fuss and pomposity.

    While its true the interior almost resembles the insides of a butcher shop, you have to admit it’s a pretty stylish one at that….and there is definitely no sign of green parsley bunches to be seen.

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