Alma House by Atelier Barda

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    As a complete reimagining, Alma House sees the remodelling of an existing building from the inside out. Taking cues from the site’s storied past and creating new connections internally, Atelier Barda carve out a subdued home that feels far removed – and readily connected – at once to its Montreal setting.

    Focusing on the textural and the experience of being immersed within the resulting volumes, Atelier Barda’s new works focus on light and an embedded sense of calm. While the existing façade remains in place, the internals were completely re-sculpted, allowing the resulting home to reflect the owners and their wish to create a sanctuary within.

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    Curated openings allow natural light in, while soft and organically sculpted furniture dot the spaces, encouraging interaction.

    Atelier Barda lowered ceiling heights to increase intimacy and create a residential feel in the Alma House. The shifting of internal volumes then made way for the addition of a dedicated rooftop gathering space, which activates an otherwise dormant space but increases the liveable area accessed privately.

    Creating an internal courtyard further emphasises a connection with the natural, bringing in natural light and ventilation throughout the day. As a keen entertainer, the owner wanted the home to provide an ease of switching functionality and allow for group gatherings both inside and outside. As a result, the courtyard, balconies and rooftop spaces become an important extension of life within the home.

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    The familiar elements of ‘home’ see wide timber floorboards underfoot and a sense of restraint throughout. However, while the new spaces are defined by clean lines and an attention to detail, the clear and deep openings in the façade connect beyond the home and to the surrounding context of Montreal.

    Alma House is deliberately restrained and uses subtlety as a key defining element of the home. As a place to retreat and to feel transported, the home embodies soft sedation that is also accompanied by warmth. Through an uncluttered and considered approach, Atelier Barda ensures the next chapters of the home will endure and remain relevant for many a year to come.

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