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    Dutch interior design studio Anne Claus Interiors take their timeless approach to a young family’s Amsterdam home.

    Anne Claus Interiors were approached by a young family who’d moved from Amsterdam’s city centre in search of more space. When interior designer Anne Claus first set eyes on their heritage home, it featured small, dated spaces that didn’t take advantage of the footprint. In revisiting the home’s layout and introducing a new extension with a glass facade, the designer has imparted openness, lightness and connection to all areas of the home.

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    Designer Anne Claus founded her namesake studio in 2015. Based in Amsterdam, her work is characterised by natural material palettes and pared-back interiors that effortlessly mix contemporary design elements with a more traditional aesthetic.

    For this project, Anne Claus and her team remodelled the residence by taking out walls to open up and create a flow throughout. They also extended the home with an 18-metre glass façade running through the living room, kitchen and dining area, inviting natural light into the space. “From anywhere you sit in the dining, kitchen and living area, you look through huge windows into the garden,” Anne says.

    Being one large open space containing three separate areas – the kitchen, dining and living room – the kitchen has been placed in the centre to create more structure and distinguish each zone; maintaining the sense of fluidity while preventing the areas from blurring into a singular, long room.

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    The walnut and Calacatta Viola kitchen anchors the open-plan living space. 

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    Keramiek Kantoor ceramics line the Calacatta Viola shelf in the kitchen.

    Anne describes the interior palette as having a “ton sur ton” natural base; matching tones that connect each space, but with standout elements such as the walnut kitchen and rugs. “The home features all-natural fibres and materials,” she says. “The floor is a micro cement – not too smooth or clean – as we know it will age and look better with time,” she adds.

    While the materials are selected to patina with age, Anne combined bespoke and vintage pieces to enhance the home’s character. “Vintage pieces make a home unique,” Anne says. “We don’t want to create a showroom; we want to create a home.”

    Anne believes that the client’s freedom and trust allowed them to really transform the home and tailor it to the young family. “It was such a lovely project because the change was huge,” Anne says. “You almost don’t recognise it as the same house.”

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    Custom-designed bath and 2222STUDIO stool.

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