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    In the lead up to Australia’s premier design trade event, DEN Fair, held in Melbourne from 2-4 June 2016, we’ll be taking a look at some of the ‘must see’ designers and brands on exhibition at the sell out event. Today we share with you Anaesthetic Design.

    Est Living Den Fair Anaesthetic Design

    Founded in 2011 by New Zealand born couple Ben and Kiri Wahrlich, Anaesthetic was born from a desire to create innovative products from a carefully curated selection of high quality materials. With a background in design, Kiri as a full time freelance graphic designer and Ben as a senior industrial designer for Axolotl, the pair share a collective passion and unique skill set that has seen them produce an elegant and original range of bespoke pendant lights, furniture and homewares under the Anaesthetic label.

    Est Living Den Fair Anaesthetic Design.Constellation

    In a market saturated with imitations, Anaesthetic bypasses the pitfalls of trends by looking to the natural world for inspiration. This is most notably felt in the newly released New Constellation Light which pays homage to the ‘Southern Cross’ in one of its many configurations. The vision behind the pendant was to evoke a strong emotional connection with people; it did so much as to land them the prestigious Best Independent Designer award at the DEN Fair.

    Est Living Den Fair Anaesthetic Design.Hide Natural

    Est Living Den Fair Anaesthetic Design.Hide Hero

    The hand moulded, custom dyed ‘Hide’ leather lights are not only a particular favourite of ours, they also feature in the European HQ of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein and locally in the suites of boutique hotel, Hotel Harry in Surry Hills.

    Est Living Den Fair Anaesthetic Design.Bala 01

    Streamlined & contemporary, the Bala pendant light is constructed from solid brass, aluminium, copper, stainless or raw steel, and stands out as a timeless piece that is as versatile as it is beautiful.

    Est Living Anaesthetic Design Den Fair Jack Speaker

    A prototype in the making, Jack is a Bluetooth speaker hand crafted from concrete and wood that combines raw individuality with exceptional sound quality. The tubular profile of the concrete has been hand mixed and hand cast over months of experimentation, to produce a unique formula that is 10x stronger than standard concrete. The result; a robust, light-weight speaker that will perfectly harmonise any modern home or studio.

    To see more from the Anaesthetic range together with newly released designs register to Den Fair 2016 here.

    Words: Lauren Brown

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