Apartment O by Studio Lawahl

  • Apartment O by Joanna Lavén

    Specialists in elegant design and renovation, Swedish interior design firm Studio Lawahl present a refined family apartment redesign in Stockholm for artist, Erik Bratsberg.

    As could be imagined for a keen designer lover, Erik’s home is located in Stockholm’s central Östermalm district — walking distance to designer boutiques, galleries and museums like Gallery Pascale and DesignHouse Stockholm. This connection to Scandinavian design is mirrored throughout the newly renovated Art Nouveau apartment, as such Apartment O, becomes a collaborative approach of art and design between designer and artist.

    Studio Lawahl co-founder Joanna Lavén worked closely with the family to create an entirely new floorplan. “At the first meeting I got to know the client; we understood each other quickly,” Joanna says. “His vision was a home with an international touch adapted for both family life, social interaction and recovery.” The result is a harmonious inner-city apartment that focuses on the aesthetics alongside functionality.

    Joanna moved the entrance to the classic kitchen and expanded on the space to connect to the dining room. This creates an easy flow between spaces — and the modern orientation allows ample light to flow through the apartment. A laundry room and new storage space accommodate the everyday needs of the young family.

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    The dining room sideboard by Luciano Frigerio is one of Joanna’s favourite features; embodying the modernist aesthetics seen throughout.

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    The designer sourced vintage chairs, reupholstered in natural leather, and a vintage table to fulfil a vision of effortless, timeless design for the family home.

    As often seen in Studio Lawahl’s projects, many of the furniture and fixings are sourced from auctions and antique stores, letting the timeless interior intervention feel as though it’s always been there. “The focus for me is to emphasise the very base, the craft of the object,” Joanna says. “To listen attentively to time; to bring out the character of the space and the home with lamps that I love, with soft textiles and with carefully selected objects and natural materials,” the designer adds.

    Soft textures and materials such as the washed linen fabric on the Tufty Time by Patricia Urquiola and the fluffy wool carpets bring warmth to the Östermalm home. Contrasting darker rich woods such as teak, rosewood and walnut ensure inviting spaces evocative of a cosy cabin, juxtaposing the doorstep inner-city living. “We wanted to create a space to relax and recharge, and the soft palette allows you to do just that!” Joanna maintains.

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    Impressive statement lamps both create a mood and become a decorative focal point — like the Stilnovo floor lamp in the hallway.

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