A Warm and Tactile Apartment Reinvention by studioplusthree

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    Sydney-based architecture practice studioplusthree reinvigorate a 1980s apartment by harnessing light and natural materials, creating a calming place to call home. 

    Natural light and a tapestry of timber reign in this soothing apartment redesign by studioplusthree. Known for crafting homes that feel instantly welcoming and lived-in, the architecture practice were called on to reconfigure a 1980s Cremorne Point apartment for a retired couple.

    Recognising the harbourside apartment’s potential to better connect with its natural outlook, studioplusthree have honoured its top-notch views while creating depth, stripping the interiors back to simple, tactile materials and forms. Void of clutter and illuminated by generous natural light, the minimalist home is the antithesis of cold and sterile.

    Produced in partnership with Tongue n Groove

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    The Cremorne Apartment features pale engineered solid engineered European oak floorboards in the light Bistre colour from Tongue n Groove as the warm and enduring canvas throughout. The kitchen features the Hee Barstools for HAY.

    The studioplusthree design team strategically opened up the floor plan to create the home’s hub; the kitchen, dining and living spaces. This open-plan layout offers a sense of space through the consistent use of materials and access to natural light. To ensure the harbour view was not compromised, the studioplusthree team introduced a timber batten screen adjacent to the kitchen that echoes the American oak joinery.  

    studioplusthree director Julin Ang says their initial response was to connect the apartment to its natural outlook, to create a tranquil interior that felt almost like a secluded retreat. Reconfiguring the plan, we opened the apartment up to bring in natural light, and we wanted the material palette to reflect the warmth of natural light and natural materials,” Julin says.

    To create a sense of warmth and fluidity in the home, while accentuating changing light throughout the day, studioplusthree relied on a restrained natural material palette. Solid engineered European oak floorboards in the light Bistre colour from Tongue n Groove line the floors, American oak shapes the custom joinery, while large matt finish porcelain sheets and aged bronze Astra Walker fixtures feature in the bathroom. A harmony of neutral tones and textures, these materials will only get better with age; their patina contributing to the soulfulness of this apartment renovation. 

    “We were looking for a material that had a natural variation and warmth, able to be used in lots of different ways throughout the project. Timber has an inherent tactility, softness and warmth underfoot that we as humans are all inherently drawn to.”

    – Julin Ang, director of studioplusthree

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    Director of studioplusthree Julin Ang admits while the American Oak timber joinery and European oak boards have their differences, they combine seamlessly in the Cremorne Point Apartment. “The oak flooring, with its natural variation and knots, breaks up larger surfaces, while the wide grain meant we were able to achieve consistency in timber veneers for joinery,” Julin says.

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    Pale engineered European Oak boards – Eterno Bistre from Tongue n Groove create a calming atmosphere in the light-filled dining space.

    From the get-go, Julin says they looked for a pale timber to cement the soft and subtle material palette. “Timber has an inherent tactility, softness and warmth underfoot that we as humans are all inherently drawn to,” she says. The architect selected engineered oak boards from Tongue n Groove for their consistency of colour, with a straight forward and cost-effective installation process. Working within the constraints of an existing apartment with a concrete slab, the engineered timber floor let studioplusthree update the floor finishes, without changing the floor levels significantly. “We wanted the timber species and treatment to be consistent throughout, and we were drawn to the beautiful, open grain of oak – with timber veneers and floorboards readily available in this species it was an easy choice,” Julin says. 

    As apartment living becomes more common in Australia, Julin affirms the need for smaller but better spaces that invest in long-lasting materials. “After all, these are spaces that we wake up to every day. We believe that good design and quality, natural materials can bring joy to everyday life,” she says. Case in point is studioplusthree’s Cremorne Point Apartment, where a reduction of distracting visual elements, strategic moves on layout and refined use of timber have created a serene apartment against its city backdrop. 

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  1. I love the calm restraint of this renovation and all the natural surfaces. Can you tell me what the porcelain benchtop and splashback is please? Thank you, Claudia.

  2. Hi Claudia,

    We do too! We recommend reaching out to studioplusthree directly to find out more about the porcelain benchtop and splashback in this project.


    The est Team

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