Apparatus Studio NYC

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    It was the waxed brass and porcelain censer that caught our eye and made it to our wish list this christmas. The Apparatus Studio in NYC should make it on to everyones list when next they find themselves in Manhattan.

    In a bid to solve a lighting problem for their personal art collection at home, the founders of Apparatus, Jeremy Anderson and Gabriel Hendifar, set about designing their first ever lighting fixture, the Twig 5. In turn, the couple seemingly created for themselves a new career path of product design and innovation leaving behind the world of fashion (Hendifar) and PR (Anderson) in their wake. Now just over three years on, Apparatus is a brand synonymous with style and sophistication when it comes to lighting fixtures, furniture and product design.

    Specialising in combining beautiful, time honoured materials such as aged brass, fine porcelain, leather and glass, the team behind Apparatus ensure each piece is assembled by hand with a patina and hand wax applied to every object they create. It is little wonder then that the Apparatus Studio space is as beautiful and as intriguing as the pieces they create.










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