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    The Melbourne based architectural door and bathroom fittings studio, Pittella, has undergone a major transformation thanks to design firm Hecker Guthrie. As importers and suppliers of unique Italian architectural door hardware and bathroom accessories, Pitella has been supplying designers and private clients across the nation with unique, high quality and timeless Italian designed products since 1972.

    Describing the brief as “not overly prescriptive, other than it needed to be amazing,” Paul Hecker and team set about creating a showroom that is both conducive to Pittella’s consultative way of working with architects, designers and customers while also “paying respect to Pittella as a high-end product and a long-standing brand”, explains the designer.

    Pittella’s Managing Director Simone Pittella shares with Est some more insight into what led him into the family business founded by his father after emigrating to Australia from Italy in 1972, and what style is dominating in our local interior design scene.

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    What led you into the family business?
    I have always been a visual person and so I greatly appreciate, art, design and things that are pleasing to the eye! I started my professional life in photography, working as an assistant to Lynton Crabb and it was at this time I discovered my own passion for design, interiors and architecture. It was through assisting Lynton on interior shoots that I became aware of the importance of details in creating beautiful interiors and how much the use of high-quality finishes and hardware impacted the success of a project. This realisation led me to fully appreciate my father’s business and his dedication to high quality architectural door fittings.

    Following two years working with Lynton, my father approached me and asked if I would join the family business and help him develop Pittella into the brand it is today.

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    Which Classical, Post Modern and Contemporary era appeals more to your own personal style at home?
    I’m fortunate that my wife, Charlotte, has a keen eye for interior design and she has recently completed a renovation at our home in Kew. For our own home, we definitely lean towards the Contemporary era. Our interior selection of colours and materials are inspired by a minimalist style with natural white walls layered with muted tones of grey, black and charcoal.

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    What are the top three products that you sell?
    Our Classical collection remains very popular. These designs originate from the late 17th early 18th century. We refer to these products as the classical Antique Style. Within this collection are many lever handles and knobs that have proven to hit a sweet spot with customers who are building their dream home or renovating period houses.

    Other products that are proving to hit the spot with designers are our new Black Opaque products. They have an electroplated black brass finish, which gives a beautiful base tone that work well to accent other interior finishes and colours. This Black Opaque finish was originally developed in Italy by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen and has been quickly gathering momentum here.

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    What overarching trends are you seeing from designers at the moment when it comes to making a choice from the selection you have on offer?
    Designers are going for maximum effect in fittings and bathroom accessories. They seem to be selecting products that offer a strong point of difference to their interiors. They want to stand out and are looking for that item that will set the room alight! Be it a Murano Glass Vanity basin in a silver-grey tone, or an eclectic lever handle in a beautiful warm satin brass finish, designers are pushing the boundaries in design and we are really enjoying the opportunities this is creating for us and our range.

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    Can you name your favourite door handle or is it like asking to pick a favourite child? (come on…we all have a bit of a soft spot for one!)
    HAHA, yes it is very much like asking one to pick a favourite child! I am, and have always been, a huge fan of true Italian heritage, and so our Classical Antique collection is definitely the winner in my eyes – I absolutely love this group of products for their originality and history. These designs have really stood the test of time and, aside from looking great in a contemporary context, examples produced hundreds of years ago can still be seen on the entry doors of huge Italian Villas, such as those around Lake Como. This collection is my favourite and, in my mind, is the true essence of Pittella – unique timeless and elegant.

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    796 Glenferrie Road
    Hawthorn, Vic, 3122.
    P:(03) 9818 0311

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