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    In search of peace and quiet and a way in which to connect with nature, the team at ARK have created this cozy, TV-less, prebuilt cocoon as a solution for those looking to get back to basics in style. With the sides designed to fold out and open to the landscape in which it sits, the ARK Shelter essentially becomes an extension to nature. Think of it as extreme ‘glamping’ – with custom made furniture designed specifically for the space and all utensils, bedding and towels provided. Camping really has never looked so good, or so comfortable.

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    The narrow, timber lined room comes with instant atmosphere thanks to both the fireplace at the centre of the room and the special few invited in to share the space with you.

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    Relying on wind power for electricity and rainwater collected from the roof, the ARK Shelter is a fully self sufficient, ecological shelter. With no fixed foundations, this truly mobile building leaves you with only one thing to decide – where to place it. In a grassy field surrounded by wild brumbies galloping down the ranges, at the edge of the shoreline – or in your own back yard?

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3 comments on “Ark Shelter

  1. Info for this box in algarve portugal.for 2 pers.and basic interior.we have the ground.concrete.

  2. The bed by the window looks great but CURTAINS keeping it dark would look heaps better at 5am.

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