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    If you spent your time like we did in our twenties studying in a rather lack lustre college environment devoid of any architectural beauty or significance, then you may be keen to experience first hand what life is like in an Oxford College designed by one of the worlds most renown designers. Commissioned in 1957 to design St Catherine’s College in England, Danish architect Arne Jacobsen created an truly beautiful environment for students to study and sleep in.

    In opening their doors from Easter until May 2016, St Catherines is very generously inviting all of those interested in experiencing life inside one of Jacobsen’s landmark designs to come and get up close and personal.

    Of course if you really want to experience living long term surrounded by Arne Jacobsen design you can always scour the ‘shopping halls’ of 1st Dibs here.



    Oxford Table Lamp and Seven Series Chair.




    The Oxford High Back Dining Chair and The Oxford Chair by Arne Jacobsen.


    The Swan Chair and Coffee Table Designed by Arne Jacobsen.





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