Art House by K.P.D.O

  • Art House by K.P.D.O

    Just as art can elicit a tidal wave of cognitive and emotional responses, Art House by K.P.D.O encapsulates a similar sentiment through an interior design language that seeks to find a balance between restraint and exuberance. 

    Originally presented as an uninspiring 1980’s addition to a Victorian villa, Art House has been resurrected as a captivating home for an avid art collector. K.P.D.O’s brief from their client was to create a family home within the original footprint, to allow for large gatherings and space to exhibit a growing art collection. What has emerged is a clear yet harmonious distinction between the elegantly muted heritage leanings of the original built environment and the integration of a bold narrative wholly attributed to the client’s art collection.

    Through the alchemy of both art and design, Art House emphasises the symbiotic relationship between the two. Using the pillars that the two vocations share — form, colour, balance and composition — the home finds its sweet spot in the expressive nature of the art counterbalanced by the architecture’s domesticity.

    As a second-generation designer trained in her father’s joinery studio and workshop, K.P.D.O director Kerry Phelan’s understanding of detail across various materials and mediums is evident at Art House. A commitment to detail imbues a subtly and surprise where separate elements within the home’s architecture, styling, furniture, art, and lighting quietly converse so that there is an overarching cohesiveness throughout the home despite the void between aesthetics. Vibrant textiles are intrinsically connected to the colourways in nearby artworks; deep verdant hues unify the interior with the lush foliage in the Paul Bangay designed garden beyond. These subtleties and nuances bind each facet of the home’s design to bestow a satisfying level of thoughtfulness. This is a home designed with its unique experience of habitation front and centre.

    Art House is filled with moments of intrigue and surprise channelled through the subject matter of the pieces that adorn walls and surfaces. An order of magnitude is immediately evident, whereby the drama and storytelling nature of the art loudly engages the senses. At the same time, the more domestically oriented spaces and furniture assume a much gentler persona that tempers the home’s functionality, pulling it back from being a gallery space to ensure it finds resonance as a family home of respite and sanctuary.  

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    The study features a vivid Antella table from Castorina & Co., the Cassina 413 Cab Chair and artwork titled ‘There Is Time For You To Find Me’ by Jason Benjamin.

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    The kitchen features a CDK Stone marble benchtop.

    est living art house by kpdo 2

    Notable pieces in the bedroom include artwork by Willy Tjungurrayi, the Louis Poulsen AJ Table Light, Christophe Delcourt Nightstand from Minotti and a Rodolfo Dordoni Rug.

    K.P.D.O worked directly with trades such as joiners, hard plasters and stonemasons, achieving unity between them and a consistently high-quality finish throughout. Again, this attention to detail draws myriad experiences between the residence and its inhabitants, such as novel perspectives of art deflected from mirrored surfaces turned and slanted for maximum engagement.

    Art House results from clarity of planning and intricacy of detail to craft a collection of cohesive, memorable spaces that make up a unique family home. One that conforms not to the standards of modern-day style but the particularities of its occupants and the alluring theatre of their growing art collection.

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    The outdoor oasis is complete with the Minotti Quadrado Sofa and Robert Plumb pots.

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