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  • Gabriela Polic hold you dear always Est Magazine

    We recently came across the works of Sydney based artist Gabrijela Iva Polic and tracked her down straight away so that we could share her creations with you.

    Having studied at the prestigious UNSW College of Fine Arts in Sydney, Polic managed to not only make her mark but impress those who taught her after  picking up the Artscene and Chroma Drawing Prize at the Annual CoFA exhibition in her final year.

    Fascinated with the idea of exploring themes around love and human connection, Polic’s works move between abstraction and figuration. An enchantment with nature and the organisms that dwell there, all working together to both live and survive are represented by Polic’s biotic like paintings.

    A self-represented artist working from her home studio, Polic has recently begun collaborating with the stylists behind Penny Farthing Design House to produce prints of her paintings to sell to a wider audience. Literally a burst of colour and life for your walls…

    Look out for Polic’s first solo exhibition in 2014 at Gallery 8, Millers Point,  Sydney.

    Gabriela Polic | hold you dear, always | Est Magazine

    Gabriela Polic | i have been made by the Philia machine | Est Magazine

    Gabriela Polic | They are covered in diamonds which only I see | Est Magazine

    Gabriela Polic | this beautiful part of you becomes this beautiful part of me 1 | Est Magazine

    Gabriela Polic | This beautiful part of you becomes this beautiful part of me 2 | Est Magazine

    Gabriela Polic | this magical garden of us | Est Magazine




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  1. Wonderful work-particularly the first two pieces for me. Seeing these make me crave doing my degree all over again-so inspiring 🙂

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