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    New cafe Astroluxe is based in Bentleigh East, a Melbourne suburb not normally renowned for its innovative design or hospitality culture. The area’s shifting demographic, however, made it an ideal location for the owners to provide locals with quality food and coffee close to home.

    Robson Rak designed the cafe interior around a gentle pastel palette with a base of warm grey and soft pink, pierced by clever incisions of royal blue. The geometric lines of the tartan banquettes formed the idea for the framework grid found throughout Astroluxe’s branding and interiors.

    Lines are also reflected in the open kitchen’s tiled splashback. Solid timber accents are used sparingly, most notably through the classic natural oak Thonet chairs and stools. The sinuous form of the stunning bentwood also disrupts the geometry found in the rest of the space, which keeps the space from feeling harsh or unforgiving.

    Who knows – if Astroluxe is anything to go by, Bentleigh East may be the new place to be.

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    Rich tartan fabric offset against pastel hues and grey marble, with custom steel lighting and grid.

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    PHOTOGRAPHY: Dan Hocking
    STYLING: Marsha Golemac

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