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    The home of French designer Isabelle Stanislas in the heart of Paris’ Palais Royal is a testament to her love of materials and commitment to design details.

    This feature originally appeared in est magazine issue 48: Kitchen Confidential.

    Describe your design and interior style.

    It always starts with a conversation. But first and foremost, it’s the history of the building, the space and the light. I don’t like to narrow myself to the word style. I love materials and I use them like an alphabet to create new words each time.

    The linear forms of your home’s interior with its attention detail draw the focus to key points, what was your approach to this when designing?

    The secret is to draw! And draw again! By drawing, you ask questions. I always draw by hand on trace paper – my favourite tool – with layers of lines to keep a single focus.

    How is your apartment’s sublime Palais Royal location reflected in the interior?

    The rhythm of the Palais Royal’s facades inspired the apartment’s strict symmetry.

    I played with the existing layout by joining two floors to create one space and moving my bedroom to the kitchen. I struck a harmony between the interior and exterior and between lightness and heaviness, creating a space that feels like it always existed.

    The interior has a beautiful tactility and materiality– is this a common thread and hallmark of your work?

    We are suspended in the sky on the fourth floor, and I observed and listened to the softness of the surroundings– the light sand from the garden, the grey stone from the facade and the “ciel de Paris” colour. I played with cashmere furniture, travertine, oak and concrete. I created a special mirror, separated into two horizontal pieces to accentuate the feeling of levitation. The outside becomes inside and vice-versa.

    est living at home with isabelle stanislas

    We love the Brutalist form of the fireplace, which blends seamlessly with the minimalist, classical interior – how did you approach this feature?

    I have a passion for twisting raw materials. The fireplace I designed is an example of this; folding like origami, it was an extremely technical process.

    The table and chairs that surround the kitchen bench are so distinctive. Are you able to tell us more about them?

    I designed the table for the space. The tabletop looks like a solid travertine block – my kitchen is in Italian travertine – but it is an exotic wood I sourced in Asia. The very simple four metal legs assembled like play cards are a“clin d’oeil’ of the arcades and bridge. The chairs are from a company that specialises in outdoor folding seating; This version is in a natural vegetal leather and they will develop a patina with time.

    There’s a notable mix of found objects and vintage pieces– can you reveal more about some of these?

    I love going to flea markets; I found a long bench by an unknown Brazilian designer at a flea market, which now sits in the living room. The construction of the bench is exceptional. I collect all kinds of seats: armchairs, stools, and chairs. Around my house, you will find Jeanneret, the first chair designed by Rick Owen and works by Donald Judd. The object’s temporality disappears to let questions arise: Is it new? Is it old?

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    Isabelle collected the first chair Rick Owens designed, pictured with a vase by Julien Michaud.

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    Designer Isabelle Stanislas

    Do you have a favourite design detail that you gravitate towards?

    The shadow gap is my favourite detail. My work is about perception. This little detail makes a room feel very different. I love to work with invisible lighting as artwork. Night’s falls add a new dimension to a room as art.

    How is your apartment a reflection of you?

    I believe my home is a peaceful and joyful space, open to family and friends and a well-hidden nest.

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