Bronwyn Marshall

  • Brussels Apartment by AE Studio

    Rich and immersive, Brussels Apartment by AE Studio combines textural depth and diversity with the comforting sense of home.

  • Taipei Residence by Lawless & Meyerson

    As an elevation of apartment living, Taipei Residence sees Lawless & Meyerson propose a home of lasting resonance and warmth.

  • Cove Hollow House by Architecture Outfit

    Carefully placed across its generous site, Architecture Outfit’s Cove Hollow House is nestled into the enviable surrounds of East Hampton.

  • Villa RS by JUMA Architects

    Immersed within its natural setting, Villa RS frames views out into the Flemish Ardennes as both an escape and a reminder of place.

  • Toorak Residence by ADDARC

    Both dramatic and immersive, Toorak Residence is conceived from a place of restraint, designed for landscape designer Jack Merlo and his family.

  • Villa RA by MORQ

    The outwardly expressed Villa RA beautifully captures the essence of Calabria and rests open and embracing of its resonant surroundings.

  • L20 House by Paulsen and Nilsen

    L20 House sees Paulsen and Nilsen layer textured and burnished warmth within the interior of an existing apartment in the Scandinavian Alps.

  • Carpenter’s Square by Architects EAT

    Architects EAT’s The Carpenter’s Square takes form on site as a considered balance between open and closed elements, elevating liveability.

  • Malvern House by Beatrix Rowe

    Malvern House handsomely employs organic curves to infuse a sense of whimsy, where Beatrix Rowe reimagine the interiors of this grand dame.

  • Moonah House by Powell and Glenn Architects and Watts Studio

    Powell and Glenn Architects join forces with Watts Studio to design Moonah House as a natural insertion in its abundant surroundings.

  • Casa M by Vincent Van Duysen

    Sitting sculpturally in its arid and unaltered surrounding landscape, Casa M by Vincent Van Duysen is subtly disguised amongst its terrain.

  • Alma House by Atelier Barda

    As a complete reimagining, Alma House by Atelier Barda sees the remodelling of an existing building, with a focus on the inside-out.

  • Brazilian Residence by MF Arquitetos

    Embodying the essence of summer and a life lived effortlessly between inside and out, Brazilian Residence celebrates the natural.

  • MTR Residence by Alain Carle Architecte

    Anchored to its undulating and steeply sloping site, MTR Residence sits overlooking one of Quebec’s most revered lakes.

  • Birch Tree House by Susi Leeton Architects + Interiors

    Birch Tree House by Susi Leeton Architects + Interiors gently curves around its site as a welcomed counterbalance to vibrant family life.

  • Stanley Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi

    Reimagining an existing home, Stanley Residence sees the distillation of its previous self into a stately and classically inspired iteration.

  • Hampton House by Architecture Works

    Hampton House sees the infusing of natural luminance and a contemporary enduring nature into the already layered home.

  • Bondi Mews by Lawless and Meyerson

    Through an embrace of the existing proportions, Bondi Mews by Lawless & Meyerson sits light and open in its lush garden setting.