Holly Beadle

  • Bower Manly by Mim Design

    Mim Design mould a collection of beach-front Sydney apartments named ‘Bower Manly’ from their spectacular coastal surroundings.

  • Dean Street by nune, Frances Mildred & Branca & Co.

    nune tie the knot between modern and classic design in their revival of a historic townhouse in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Les Voisines by APPAREIL Architecture

    APPAREIL Architecture conceive a dual living and rental space in Austin, Canada that balances both tradition and modernity.

  • JJ House by Bokey Grant

    Explore a renovated cottage in Sydney’s inner-west with an emphasis on sustainable and space-optimising design.

  • Bellows House by Architects EAT

    Architects EAT establish a family sanctuary in the heart of Flinders, Victoria with a deep connection to both people and place.

  • Sandringham House by Austin Design Associates

    Austin Design Associates make a case for understated and enduring design in their renovation of a family home in Sandringham, Melbourne.

  • Kitchen Covet | Bold Natural Stone

    Natural stone has long been held as a versatile and timeless match for the kitchen. In this kitchen covet, we’re highlighting seven examples of kitchens that each share a brave approach to natural stone.

  • Ballarat House by Kennedy Nolan

    Kennedy Nolan’s rendition of a family home in Ballarat, Victoria epitomises comfort and warmth in a lakeside setting. 

  • Harbord Hotel by Alexander & Co.

    Harbord Hotel by Alexander & Co. offers a unique hospitality experience on one of Sydney’s most renowned surf beaches.

  • Cunningham Street Residence by studiofour

    studiofour revitalise a 1970s home in Melbourne’s north with an emphasis on spatial fluidity and functional living.

  • Cumulus House by Chris Connell Design

    Chris Connell Design’s Cumulus House, located in Wye River, articulates Californian Modernism in an Australian coastal setting.