The Backyard Room

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    In designing the Backyard Room, Bill McCorkell and David Martin from Archiblox  have created a series of pre fabricated, architecturally designed variations to meet the need for more space while also tapping into the growing trend of working from home combined with the rise of home-based businesses,

    Backyard Room is the perfect solution to the home office that has outgrown the dining room table (sounds familiar!). Having won a sustainability award at this years Melbourne international flower and garden show, this new concept is gaining worldwide traction as the space squeeze hits.

    Committed to reducing the carbon footprint, The Backyard Room is designed for both longevity and healthy living. In avoiding the peak hour by simply walking out the back door, down the garden path and into your very own zen like office space, we think you’ll be more than doing your bit to reduce global stress levels – and you’ll be all the better for it.

    The Backyard Room is definitely on our office wish list…


    Archiblox Backyard Room 01 Est Magazine

    Archiblox Backyard Room 02 Est Magazine

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  1. Looks great!….. My only reservation – it might be a bit of a hassle to extend all the power, internet connections etc. to our backyard.

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