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    Inspired by an unobtrusive outlook, unprecedented and void of mediocrity, Alicia McKimm and Kylie Dorotic are the creative minds behind design studio, We Are Huntly. Proclaimed the 2016 Emerging Interior Design Practice by AIDA, the ambitious duo pursue design with intent, to bridge the gap between art and architecture and execute design solutions that are truly unique.

    WORDS Nicole Johnson | STYLING Marsha Golemac | PHOTOGRAPHY Brooke Holm

    est living balaclava house we are huntly kitchen

    With a belief that attention to the smaller details amalgamates the bigger picture, the team at We are Huntly placed emphasis on craftsmanship throughout the design of this weatherboard home in Balaclava, Melbourne. The spaces of this once quaint cottage speak style and creative expression. The modest details of the kitchen give way for rich textures and a monochrome pallet to feature while stark lines of cabinetry emphasize the raw characteristics of CDK Stone’s Bluemoon granite tops in a honed finish.

    est living balaclava house we are huntly front
    est living balaclava house we are huntly lighting
    est living balaclava house we are huntly wall light

    The subtle statement this project carries is rich with minimalistic flair, evident in fixtures such as the Dowel Jones’ Lord Sconce. The quietly spoken, muted tones and neutral pallet play homage to Nordic vibes and delicate use of natural materials. Layered textures and a contrast of hard and soft finishes have been carefully applied to deliver a refined and sophisticated result. Marble accents and French Oak floors contribute to the overall aesthetic.

    est living balaclava house we are huntly

    This home has a considered design and a timeless quality. The comfortable and harmonious flow of its layout coincides with the understated and careful attention to detail.

    est living balaclava house we are huntly 01
    est living balaclava house we are huntly dining

    The living spaces feature a Grazia and co, New York side table finished in Finnegan green and gold powdercoat. A custom ottoman that sits alongside is adorned in whispering pink and is a prevailing exemplar of the homes contrasting attitudes. The residence, displaying a multitude of artworks welcomes movement and interest.

    est living balaclava house we are huntly living
    est living balaclava house we are huntly bathroom
    est living balaclava house we are huntly bedroom e1466456614639


    let the light shine

    est living applique de marseille wall lamp nemo grey 1
    Applique de Marseille Wall Light | Cult
    est living bluestone sawn cdk stone
    Bluestone | CDK Stone
    est living lord sconce dowel jones
    Lord Sconce | Dowel Jones
    est living memphis marble coffee table jardan
    Memphis Coffee Table | Jardan
    est living didier first bite lounge
    Gelava Chair | Didier
    est living marie lamp black oak haymann hub
    Marie Black Oak Table Lamp | Haymann Design at Hub Furniture
    est living new york sideboard grazia and co
    New York Side Table | Grazia & Co

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  1. Looking through different interior designs and materials inspires me and motivates me everyday to get my goal, to create my own style using marble and stones

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