Barcelona Penthouse by Susanna Cots

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    It’s not often the opportunity arises to redesign a penthouse apartment… and did we mention this one’s nestled right in the heart of bustling Barcelona? A seaside city synonymous with its boundless culture, bohemian late-night bars and fabled architecture. We think this once dark and closed off penthouse is now in a position to make the most of its inspiring skyline surroundings, all thanks to interior designer Susanna Cots.

    After overcoming the challenge of bringing in natural light and creating an internal flow through the addition of oversized windows, Cots’ transformation of this rare top floor gem has shaped it into a light, bright and industrially designed modern family home. Essentially, Cot’s founding idea of erasing boundaries between internal and external spaces gave the apartment all the light it craved – and then some.

    INTERIOR DESIGN Susanna Cots | PHOTOGRAPHY Mauricio Fuertes

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    Once the outdoor and indoor elements were introduced, a series of interconnected glass and black steel framed cubes made the most of filtering this light throughout the rest of the home. A series of partitioning windows transforms the layout to a series of cleverly planned zones that provides this family with a multitasking and functional home, each modular structure defining its own living space.

    This layout suits the family’s dynamic needs for social or independent living. At one end of the house, a parent’s sanctuary (disguised as a master suite) opens to the outside elements via a large window to a private terrace. The bedroom’s interior wall is divided with a black framed panel of glass so that standing in bathroom allows you views from the top over the terrace.

    Four symmetrical children’s bedrooms are each joined together by a large shared wet room. Each bedroom features the same graphic outline of steel framing, starkly contrasting with the white built-in cabinetry which provides plenty of hidden storage. While all the bedrooms can be concealed to create a more private ambiance, the social hubs of the house highlight the reverse.

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    At the opposite end, an open communal living room and study area give way to an outdoor terraza that allows light to flood in. This space also accentuates the reoccurring contrast between the white interior and the metallic black and terracotta bricks that form the central outdoor zone. The terazza features a wall-mounted fountain that not only acts as a focal point but also brings a little Japanese-like zen into an otherwise thoroughly urban apartment.

    Finally, at the heart of every family home- is, of course, the kitchen. Designed with the whole tribe in mind (and with plenty of Hay barstools to go around) this is the social epicenter of household life. Completely inclusive in its layout, the kitchen features a textured grey rendered wall, black fixtures and low pendant lighting from Artemide which all add to this seamless pièce de résistance.

    Throughout the apartment chic blacks, greys and off-white’s form the backdrop where graphic modules and ample outdoor areas provide flexible living spaces. It’s clear that Cot’s has had some fun with the play on materials; where the solidarity of brick, black steel and grey rendered walls meet the transparent lightness of the glass partitions. The design is a proportional balance between symmetry and structure, giving the home a healthy dose of ying and yang.

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    Fluid and minimal, each interior cube and space in between has been crafted with the utmost focus on great design and balance.

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