Scandinavian Style in a Richmond Home

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    While the term ‘Scandi style’ may not be our favourite design description, we sure do have a thing for the terminology when it refers to well-crafted furniture. Case in point is the latest collection from our friends at Barnaby Lane, who have staked their claim celebrating the form and materials of traditional Scandinavian furniture for an Australian audience.

    ARCHITECTURE Figr | STYLING Simone Haag | PHOTOGRAPHY Derek Swalwell

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    Recently Barnaby Lane partnered up with some other creative forces of our local design landscape to produce their latest campaign. And while we don’t usually feature campaigns on est, this one just had to be shared. Styled by Simone Haag and shot by Derek Swalwell, the collection really comes to life in the instantly recognisable ‘Light Corridor House’ from Figr – another est regular. Readers may remember this home as one of the featured spaces in our recent ‘Love Your Layout: Kitchen’ feature, but here it’s less about the kitchen and more about that rich materiality of the warehouse environment.

    The exposed brick, timber cabinetry and panelling and steel framing make for a warm, tactile backdrop to Barnaby Lane’s pieces, while the abundance of natural light gives the whole campaign a lived-in feel. It’s all too easy to imagine yourself sitting at the table with a morning coffee and magazine, or sitting down to work in the study. Now if you’ll excuse us we have to make a quick stop by Barnaby Lane to pick up one of everything….

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