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  • 10am Penthouse by Studio Andrew Trotter

    Step into nine open showers that redefine the ritual of rinsing.

    Contrary to the traditional notion of a shower – an enclosed space with a protective glass door – these nine doorless showers share an unabated sense of openness and tranquillity. Coupled with tall ceilings, evocative materials and a window or skylight, each shower is the epitome of at-home quiet and calm.  

    est living house b hans verstuyft 01

    Photography by Thomas De Bruyne

    01. House B

    Hans Verstuyft

    The sculptural, all-white shower-bath in this Belgian home evokes feelings of purity and freshness, both intrinsic to the showering experience. While the space is uniform in colour and materiality, it features contrasting angular and curved lines, adding a layer of visual appeal.

    02. Baita MV

    Luconi Architetti Associati

    This monolithic shower is a pocket of tranquillity in the mountains of Madesimo, Italy. The space is enveloped in large-format raw stone, creating a subdued, soothing atmosphere – perfect for detaching from the outside world.

    est living MV hut Madesimo Sondrio Luconi Associati 01

    Photography by Marcello Mariana

    est living 10am penthouse studio andrew trotter 12

    Photography by Salva Lopez

    03. 10AM Penthouse

    Studio Andrew Trotter

    This penthouse in Athens includes an open-plan, open-air bathroom that overlooks the city, comprising earthen textures and tones. Flooring is consistent throughout, while the level changes around the shower for seamless water runoff. 

    04. Doheny


    This home in Los Angeles features a doorless shower clad in Calacatta Viola marble and crowned by a 20-foot skylight – a showstopper within the home’s warm, farmhouse-inspired interiors.

    est living doheny by osklo 7

    Photography by Sam Frost

    Est Magazine Villa E by Studio Ko Bathroom

    Photography courtesy of Studio KO

    05. Villa E

    Studio KO

    Inside this mountain-top Moroccan retreat is a shower that knows no boundaries – not between the rest of the bathroom or the surrounding landscape. As a result, there is a sense of being secluded and in the undivided presence of nature.

    06. California Coastal

    Tucker & Marks

    It’s one thing to live by the ocean; it’s another to spend one of the most relaxing parts of your day right beside it. This Californian home offers just that, with a spacious, doorless shower with an unmatched view of the ocean just a few metres away – and a material palette to rival it.

    est living californian coastal suzanne tucker 01

    Photography by Roger Davies

    est living cleveland sjb 01

    Photography by Felix Forest

    07. Cleveland Rooftop


    The interiors of this Sydney apartment are organised around connections to the sky – the master ensuite being a strong example. The space features a curved open shower with a deep conical skylight, bathing the blue tiles and white marble in natural light.

    08. Casa Coral

    Recoveco | Taller de arquitectura

    This holiday home in Tulum is composed of soothing, nature-oriented spaces. The bath-shower space is where guests can decompress, with diffused light filtering through the breeze-block wall and the relaxing sounds of the surrounding jungle.

    est living casa coral recoveco taller de arquitectura

    Photography by Ariadna Polo

    est living altar tulum terreo studio

    Photography by Conie Suarez Bravo

    09. Altar Tulum

    Terreo Studio

    Stucco-clad walls and arched ceilings are the hallmarks of this serene home in Tulum. These arresting architectural features make the home’s shower-bath space feel more like a temple or bathing house.

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