Bathroom Covet | Six Freestanding Bath Styles

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    In the spirit of creating a bathroom sanctuary, we explore six timeless bathroom spaces, each showcasing a luxurious and unifying design element; a freestanding bath.

    Frequenting the most inspiring local and global homes on est, freestanding baths immediately conjure an image of luxury in the bathroom. From Sydney to Belgium, we revisit some of our most celebrated bathroom styles – all of which boast one unifying form – a freestanding bath. Join us as we take a closer look at how Abey’s timeless collection of freestanding baths take centre stage and set the tone for six individual interior styles; Nordic, Minimalist Luxury, Family, Modern Australian, European Elegance and Beach House.

    Produced in partnership with Abey.

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    est living abey freestanding baths minimalist luxury

    Project VV by Pieter Vanrenterghem | Photography by Thomas De Bruyne

    Minimalist Luxury

    An aesthetic that requires restraint; minimalist luxury often highlights single materials and pared-back fittings. This reductive approach serves to hero design features, such as a sculptural, freestanding bath. Encompassing a dramatic, sweeping form for a luxurious touch, the Barwon ClearStone Teardrop Bath from Abey bath completes this bathroom style beautifully. The elegant, teardrop shape plays to the minimalist luxury look by accentuating the natural beauty of water.

    est living abey freestanding baths family

    Queenslander Home by  Cedar + Suede | Photography by Mindi Cooke | Styling by Sarah Ellison

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    est living abey byron gloss clearstone bath product library 01


    A bathroom style where functionality reigns supreme, followed closely by plenty of personality and a hint of the playful. This traditional yet practical family bathroom embraces a fun twist and down-to-earth, durable finishes. Embodying a wide, classic shape, Abey’s Byron Gloss ClearStone Bath is perfect for scrubbing up the little ones or luxuriating in a long soak at the end of a busy day.

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    est living abey canal grande 1800 clearstone bath product library 01
    est living interiors vernon apartment 05

    Vernon Apartment by AP Design House | Photography by Felix Forest

    Modern Australian

    A study in contemporary geometry, this modern Australian bathroom strikes the perfect balance between understated and elegant. A style that captures the integrity of an original home while hero-ing Australian craftsmanship, it’s ultimately the innovative bathroom fittings which create the modern appeal. State-of-the-art finishes, minimal fixtures and a freestanding bath all build a sanctuary with an urban edge, and the clean-lined and square-edged silhouette of the Canal Grande 1800 Clearstone Bath from Abey reveals the essence of all this – and then some.

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    est living abey cono freestanding bath product library 01
    est living abey freestanding baths beach house 01

    Lorne House by Georgina Jeffries | Photography by Jenah Piwanski

    Beach House

    In perfect synergy with its coastal context and ocean views, a beach house bathroom celebrates the relaxed way of life. A soft, textural palette which draws on the ocean’s blue and green hues creates a soothing surrounding for a freestanding bath to take centre stage. Creating plenty of space to soak and relax, the classic, high-back curve of the Cono Freestanding Bath by Gessi for Abey could persuade anyone to indulge in the slower pace of life set by the sea.

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    Image courtesy of Abey Australia

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    Est Living Design Directory Abey Romano Grande Stone Bath 1

    European Elegance

    There’s something sophisticated that goes hand-in-hand with a classic European aesthetic. For a timeless style with a modern twist we love a bathroom that artfully blends provincial-inspired fixtures with a contemporary material palette. Abey’s Romano Grande Stone Bath with it’s claw feet is the perfect example of attention to detail; where heritage elements are married with sophisticated shapes and an enduring sensibility prevails.

    est living abey freestanding baths nordic 02

    Sandbjerg Residence by Norm Architects | Photography by Norm Architects

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    Est Living Design Directory Abey Patinato Grande Bath 1


    Favouring function and form over decoration, this practical space draws on a distinctly Nordic influence. Finding beauty in simplicity, a Nordic aesthetic leans on a palette that is not only pared back and tonal but features a mix of utilitarian bathroom objects. This modern bathroom’s look and feel is not without a refined and warm sense of style, where a generous Patinato Grande ClearStone Bath from Abey can sit right at home.

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