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    This year, Beatrix Rowe is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the interior design business she founded in the front room of her St Kilda home. In the decade since, the practice has grown organically and is now a business of five extraordinary designers all working out of the B.R.I.D office located in the creative space of our dreams, The White House in St Kilda. (You may remember the building from when we featured Aimee Marks and TOM Organic here)

    Having gained experience working at John Wardle Architects and Hecker Phelan & Guthrie (now Hecker Guthrie), Rowe made the natural progression to go out and form her own design studio. As the founder and Director of B.R.I.D, Rowe ensures that the entire design process is carried out with both a rigour and a sense of humour, resulting in a pleasurable journey for everyone involved.

    The B.R.I.D team below comprises Cassie James Herrick, Beatrix Rowe, Cassie Walker, Davina Shinewell and Shelley Twining. You might notice Beatrix’s cute little helper Raphaela sitting on Cassie’s lap – clearly a designer in the making.

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    Rowe has consciously maintained a smaller sized practice in order to allow her staff to develop personal relationships with clients so that they may glean intimate and insightful details about how their clients live. “It’s the little things that can make all the difference. From the way they use a bathroom to how they like to sleep and the contents of their drawers.” says Rowe.  Describing the design focus of the business as contemporary but warm and enduring, Rowe’s aesthetic places a strong emphasis on details and materiality.

    The B.R.I.D team are encouraged to take ownership of the projects they work on and to immerse themselves in every aspect of the design process, beginning with a client briefing and concept design, through to documentation and seeing through the construction phase.

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    B.R.I.D 01/11 Princes Street, St Kilda Victoria 3182 Australia. Phone 03 8534 8070



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  1. Can you please tell me where those tiles are from? Particularly the one on the shelf/ mantle piece

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