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    Bespoke furniture like a custom bedhead reveals a designer’s ability to personalise the bedroom. This edit explores seven designers’ creative take on the bedhead, revealing inventive ways to customise through materiality, form and storage. Through each design, the bedhead transcends functionality to become a centrepiece in the space.

    01. Pacific House

    Design: Alexander &CO.

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    One of the hero materials in this clifftop home is shop-sawn American oak, which manifests in the custom kitchen joinery, ceiling beams and bedhead in the primary bedroom. The bespoke design creates material continuity within the home while enhancing the bedroom’s functionality with its generous storage.

    02. Fisherman’s House

    Design: Studio Prineas

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Another clifftop home features a custom bedhead made of striking green Tinos Verde marble and smoked oak veneer. But it doesn’t just stop there; Studio Prineas have placed a bathtub made of the same marble on the other side of the bedhead, creating a seamless connection with the bathroom through materiality.

    est living ultramarine decus 14

    Photography by Anson Smart

    03. Ultramarine

    Design: Decus

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    This home takes cues from its waterfront locale through a coastal-inspired palette and organic forms, as exemplified by the custom bedhead in the primary bedroom; the bedhead’s curved shape and composition of custom-stained American oak and grey-blue fabric reflects the ocean and cliffs just metres away.

    04. Residential Nº631

    Design: Framework Studio

    Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Framework Studio are renowned for their exceptional joinery work, as demonstrated by this riverside home, which features a custom bedhead made of rich walnut and textured fabric. The built-in bedside table and lamp elevate the bespoke design.

    est living framework studio n 631 09

    Photography by Cafeine

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    Photography by Ben Anders

    05. Leinster Square Townhouse

    Design: Banda

    Location: London, UK

    Each bedroom in this inner-city townhouse honours a singular colour. The guest bedroom plays on warm terracotta tones with a custom upholstered wavy headboard with wooden trim.

    06. Crane in the Sky

    Design: YSG Studio

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    YSG Studio are celebrated for their bold and vibrant interior palettes, often expressed as custom pieces. For their Crane in the Sky project, the studio have custom-designed a bedhead to tie in with the rest of the space’s eclectic patterns and tones.

    est living ysg crane in the sky 11

    Photography by Prue Ruscoe

    est living where architects live madeleine blanchfield 16

    Photography by Anson Smart

    07. Where Architects Live | Madeleine Blanchfield

    Design: Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Warm tan leather is a recurring material in architect Madeleine Blanchfield’s home, from the sofa in the living room to the custom upholstered bedhead in the primary bedroom.

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