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  • est living maison hand lyon apartment felix forest.01 750x540

    Oak parquetry floors and panelled walls lay the foundation for this elegantly styled bedroom in the Lyon based apartment designed by French studio Maison Hand. The striking Applique Monte Biasse wall lights by Daniel Gallo and Platner armchair add a striking individual charm.

    DESIGN Maison Hand | PHOTOGRAPHY Felix Forest

    est living maison hand lyon apartment felix forest
    est living design directory applique monte baisse daniel gallo.05
    Applique Monte Biasse | Daniel Gallo
    Est Magazine Knoll Platner frontblack
    Platner Armchair | Knoll

    Walter Platner’s armchair made of vertical steel rods add mid-century modern elegance to the classical architectural details of the room.

    est living beni rug kulchi design covet
    Beni Ouarain Rug | Kulchi
    est living live linen cushion steel 3dab13a9 2bb2 4a8c b491 19cf76c6610f large
    Belgian Linen Cushions | Libeco
    est essentials collection design directory belgian linen blankets libeco
    Belgian Linen Bedcover | Libeco | est living Design Directory
    est living design directory flocca long linen pillowcase ayrton
    Flocca Long Linen Pillowcase | Hale Mercantile
    est living halem mercantile flocca linen bedhead
    Flocca Linen Bedhead | Hale Mercantile

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