Bedroom Lighting

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    Lighting is crucial in defining and finishing a rooms décor. This is particularly true in the case of the bedroom, where it is best to opt for subtle lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere. The humble wall sconce has come a long way and this week, we are loving these modern choices to be used in place of a traditional bedside table lamp.

    WORDS Lauren Brown | DESIGN Joseph Dirand

    est living joseph dirand paris bedroom

    Above the bed hangs a pair of Luigi Caccia Dominioni wall sconces designed in 1958  for Azucena.

    est living lord sconce dowel jones.01
    Lord Sconce | Dowel Jones
    est living design driectory apparatus trapeze wall light
    Trapeze Wall Sconce | Apparatus
    est living design directory anchor ceramics earth wall light
    Earth Wall Light | Anchor Ceramics
    est living bedroom lighting bocci wall light.01
    14 Wall Light by Bocci | Y Lighting
    est living articolo ici wall sconce 750x540
    Ici Wall Light | Articolo Architectural Lighting
    est living 2 bras droit pivotant serge mouille cult.01
    Appliqué 2 Bras Droit Pivotant Wall Light | Cult
    est living rich brilliant willing monocle living edge wall light
    Monocle Wall Sconce in Gold | Living Edge

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