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    To round off our Best of est series, we’re bringing you the most popular individual Spaces of 2020.

    Each area of the home has its own unique point of importance on how it helps to serve and satisfy the needs of those that live there. From a workspace in Melbourne to a living room in Ibiza, we’ve collated the most-visited rooms from projects featured on in our Spaces section in 2020.

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    est living paddington terrace smart design studio 17

    Paddington Terrace Bedroom by Smart Design Studio

    The Paddington Terrace Bedroom by Smart Design Studio was our most popular Space in 2020. Smart Design Studio reworked the master bedroom space inside an old Victorian home, prioritising fluidity with an effortless combination of old and new. The bedroom’s pungent forest green bedding courtesy of Society Limonta bed linen from Ondene steals the show, combining with the custom timber joinery to create a place of calm and tranquillity.

    Glen Osmond Residence Outdoor Living by Williams Burton Leopardi

    Glen Osmond Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi saw the spatial reconfiguration of a heritage home in Adelaide’s east, transformed to engage with its surrounding landscaping and maximise the sweeping city views beyond. The home’s outdoor space is a leafy suburban oasis, featuring a concrete outdoor fireplace that lets the family host guests outdoors, year-round. 

    EST Living Glen Osmond Williams Burton Leopardi 06
    est living hollie bowden es cubells 13
    Es Cubells by Hollie Bowden | est living
    est living hollie bowden es cubells 9

    Es Cubells Living Room by Holly Bowden

    A luxurious escape on the island of Ibiza, Es Cubells living room by London designer Holly Bowden is marked by a time-worn aesthetic, filled with vintage pieces sourced from around the globe. Fittingly described as the highlight of the home, the living room features large gridded windows to showcase the sea views. “I sourced an incredible 16th-century pre-renaissance limestone fireplace for the living room, which completely transformed the space,” Holly Bowden says.

    Peppertree Dining Room by LRA and Alwill Interiors

    The dining room is a standout space within the home of fashion designer Camilla Freeman-Topper, one half of Camilla and Marc. As our most-viewed dining room in 2020, the tonal European-inspired space enjoys views of the lush garden and features parquetry flooring, a handcrafted steel and patina table from Specified Store and Eames DCW Chairs.

    est living peppertree house luigi rosselli architects alwill interiors 16
    est living astrus house design by golden 04

    Astrus House Kitchen by Golden

    Bespoke details, dark tones and a sculptural island in the Astrus House open plan kitchen cultivate a sense of luxury. Taking out the most popular kitchen space in 2020, Golden designed a striking central island bench in Astrus from G-Lux with complimentary custom door hardware on dark timber cabinetry.

    1940s Renovation Bathroom by Full of Grace Interiors

    Full of Grace Interiors created a peaceful place to soak in the bath in their refurbishment of a 1940’s home in Melbourne’s South Yarra. Soft grey marble tiles and bronze fixtures create a spa-like experience, with a floor-to-ceiling window that doesn’t compromise on privacy.

    est living full of grace interiors south yarra home 2 05
    est living portsea house studio esteta 02 2

    Portsea Beach House Bar by Studio Esteta

    Studio Esteta‘s timber and stone bar is the perfect entertaining space for a beachfront home. The Eco Outdoor Crazy Paving and timber bar stools from Bassamfellows call on the home’s Mid-Century Modernist era, alongside warm woodgrain cabinetry and a stone island bench to create an incredibly stylish space to fix up a cocktail.

    est living studio esteta portsea beach house 2

    Longwood Apartment Wardrobe & Walk-in Robe by Studio Prineas

    Part of an apartment restoration by Studio Prineas, our most-viewed wardrobe on in 2020 exudes opulence with tones of wine and cherry, featuring dark timber and red leather panels. A timber plinth has been introduced around the border of each room in the Longwood Apartment, cleverly reflected in the wardrobe bench.

    est living longwood apartment studio prineas 18
    est living bourne road residence studiofour 06

    Bourne Road Residence Study by studiofour

    A quiet zone to stimulate productivity and efficiency, the Bourne Road Residence study by studiofour also maintains a connection to the rest of the house, located just off the kitchen. Complete with whitewash timber flooring and white joinery, the space is light and fresh, with ample desk space to have more than one family member at work.

    Bondi Junction Home Alteration & Addition by Alexander & Co

    The Bondi Junction Home is a semi-original Victorian terrace that now accommodates the family within through an efficient alteration and addition. “A defining force within the design was maximising space and exploiting the site footprint wherever possible,” Alexander & Co director and homeowner Jeremy Bull says. Infused with the unique spirit and quirks of the family,  Alexander & Co’s Bondi Junction alteration and addition is a study in scale, materiality and designing to family’s growing needs.

    est living Alexander  CO Bondi Junction 01
    est living Alexander  CO Bondi Junction 09

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