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    Catherine Blackford is a staunch believer that sustainable and stylish need not be mutually exclusive concepts when it comes to giftware. Recognising a gap in the market for Australian made giftware that fits the bill of being both sustainable, and stylish, led Catherine down the path of launching online giftware store, Bindle.

    Considered a bundle of possessions wrapped up in a cloth and carried on a stick by a wondering hobo, the word Bindle holds sentimental meaning to Catherine who considers herself somewhat of a nomadic hobo at times.  With a love for the Australian countryside borne from her childhood spent on the family farm, Bindle supports the artisans and producers dotted around the nation that create eco friendly, stylish products that any discerning recipient would be thrilled to receive in the mail.

    Buying an Australian made gift has never been so easy, or so stylish!


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    PHOTOGRAPHY Tori Simson

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