Blanc et Noir

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    est3 paris008

    Colour blocking may be the on trend colour story of the day, but Parisian’s still know the power of black and white.



    A recent trip to Paris reaffirmed my appreciation for Parisian chic both in the stores and on the streets where the use of black and white is as strong today as it was in the time of Mademoiselle Chanel. Preferring a casual look and feel that is devoid of a clinical hardness and extreme modernity, I prefer to use matt finishes and surfaces to achieve a more relaxed, less severe aesthetic.

    Mixing pure white paint, soft textiles, timber and contemporary accessories in grey, beige, silver, and bronze combine successfully to create refreshing and inviting schemes.

    Black is most powerful in a predominantly white interior and adds a definite sophistication to a room. The first rule of thumb is to understand how you want the room to feel. If it is a relaxed and softer mood you are aiming for, matt finishes and tactile surfaces are the key.

    If cool and ultra modern chic are more your style go for glossy finishes with lots of reflective surfaces to suit your style. It is little wonder that the home of Coco Chanel has mastered the combination of the black and white aesthetic and has the rest of the world inspired to do the same.


    PHOTOGRAPHY Marjon Hoogervorst

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