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    Designer Sheena Murphy’s two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill reflects the diverse neighbourhood in which the home sits. The style of the modern loft apartment that the designer and founder of Sheep + Stone shares with husband and baby daughter, and dog William, is very much influenced by the plethora of independent vintage stores and boutiques that surround them.

    The high metal ceilings and large oversized windows add to the modern loft feel of the home with light flooding the entire apartment. The two bedrooms are located off either side of the living area which has been divided into a kitchen and dining area and living room, while the second bedroom has been designed by Murphy to act as a multi-functional room that acts as both baby nursery and home office – for the time being.

    Drawing on inspiration from the architecture of the building and the surrounding local neighbourhood, Murphy took her design references from the slight modern industrial feel of the new apartment when selecting the colour palette and the materials used to style the home. Murphy curated a selection of pieces that have been designed locally or from local stores who represent brands that actively give back to the artisans communities such as Ay Illuminate and The Citizenry.

    “I like to ensure I inject interest in the form of material movement and a variety of shapes to keep things interesting and multi-dimensional,” says the designer who cites designers such as Landon Metz, Carlo Scarpa and Isamu Noguchi as sources of design inspiration. “In the living room, you will find a vintage Brazillian loveseat by Carlo Hauner sitting atop a handmade Moroccan rug, next to an antique African sculpture and a modern walnut dresser,” explains Murphy. In every sense this family home exudes true individual style.

    To see more of Murphy’s work go to Sheep + Stone.

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