Bottle Grinders Salt & Pepper Set

  • Est Living Bottle Grinder Salt Pepper Set by Norm Architects 750x540

    Whether it be for a wedding, a house warming party, a birthday, or even mothers day – the Bottle Grinders Salt & Pepper Set designed by Norm Architects for Menu is the ultimate people-pleasing gift for many reasons. Here at est HQ we love to give gifts that go on giving long after the festivities are over so to help you break the conventional flower giving mould this mothers day, the est essentials store is offering free shipping for all Bottle Grinders while stock lasts. Just enter the code ‘Free Shipping’ at check out and we’ll send them out to you just in time for your gift giving whether it be to yourself – or someone else.

    Est Living Bottle Grinder Salt Pepper Set by Norm Architects

    Let’s start with the neat freaks among us all when it comes to listing why the Bottle Grinders make for such good gift giving. The design team at Norm Architects were clever when they turned salt and pepper grinding on its head and designed these upside down shaker sets so that pesky salt residue and black pepper crumbs have no hope of spoiling your white linen. Clean, covert and en pointe when it comes to condiment adding, this is a gift that also provides much entertainment at dinner parties as you watch your baffled guests try to work out how exactly to use them. We promise that you will be asked ‘where did you get them’ within seconds of giving your demo.

    For those that love design, the rubber skinned surface is easy to both grip and clean so its good for hands both young and old. Available in an array of colours, its the ash grey and carbon that we have come to love (naturally) along with the bottle green combo.

    Lastly, the unique bottle shape is designed as a trick to surprise those who have never encountered its beauty before. With the bottle shape alluding to the idea of it being a liquid carrying vessel for either a salad dressing or some olive oil, our preconceived notion of the traditional salt and pepper set is challenged in more ways than one. Instead its a grinder for salt, pepper, pumpkin seed, nuts or whatever else takes your fancy. It’s up to you to mix it up – and thats just the way the Norm Architects team intended it to be.

    est living bottle grinder salt pepper set
    est living bottle grinder salt pepper set norm

    “We wanted to steer far away from the predictable grinders and instead encourage people to experiment with spices, grains, seeds and all the other modern cuisine ingredients. The new powerful ceramic grinder allows you to be more creative,” Designer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

    Est Living Botlle Salt Pepper Grinder Menu

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