Society Limonta

Society Limonta

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ONDENE celebrates its continued collaboration with Society Limonta, the Italian luxury brand revolutionising household linen design and quality, manufactured by the prestigious Limonta Group based in Costa Masnaga, northern Italy.

Society Limonta was founded in 2000 to create innovative home couture solutions, exploring a range of colours and manufacturing processes for table, bed and bathroom linens, as well as a limited line of indoor and outdoor garments.

The brand’s strong fashion heritage has transformed the idea of home couture, opening up a new way of thinking about interiors that allows us to dress our homes as if we were dressing ourselves. A mix & match approach to colour, pattern and fabric invites customers to cultivate their creativity and communicate their own personal style through their homes.

Driven by a passion for innovation and a love of design, quality and colour, Society Limonta constantly experiments with new fabric combinations and ways of making; their unexpected pairings of weaves and colours create an understated and thus unconventional luxury.

All sheets are garment dyed, a colouring process that confers unique colour shades, creating always one and only pieces.

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