Brazilian Residence by MF Arquitetos

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    Embodying the essence of summer and a life lived effortlessly between inside and out, Brazilian Residence celebrates the natural. Through a series of integrated gestures, MF Arquitetos create opportunities for the interplay of light and texture.

    Bringing residents and visitors of all ages together under one roof, Brazilian Residence is the quintessential holiday home in purpose but rare in its elevated detailing. Designed for weekends and vacations, the home acts as a place to disconnect and embrace the unique and sun-drenched surroundings.

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    From the outside and expressed through intimate gestures, timber is used to connect the experience of the home with the natural, as a reminder of place.

    A home of equal and composed parts, half was intended as communal living, active and connected, while the other half sees smaller and more intimate spaces act as their own passive retreats. A central spine reinforces the linear nature of the plan and acts as a divider between the functionality unravelling within, strengthening circulation.

    Horizontal lines become a signature of the home, reinforcing openings and the flattened nature of the home. The timber-lined ceiling shares a similar vernacular, where battened lines wrap up from integrated joinery and encase the interior. Other monolithic gestures, such as the oversized kitchen island, draw the eye outwards while also defining the space, adding a sculptural insertion in the process.

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    Both in its embrace of the surrounding elements and internally expressed features, raw and natural textures add depth and variation to the space. Those same variations then act as an ideal surface to catch and engage with light, while the insertion of landscaped pockets incorporates a living element.

    Drawing from contextual cues, Brazilian Residence brings together local design through custom furniture and ingrains an element of the handmade into the home as a result. Emphasising the natural stone and timber insertions, the use of travertine, rustic granite and black slate see MF Arquitetos elevate the enviable holiday home well beyond the typical.

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