Brighton Home by Pipkorn & Kilpatrick

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    The team at Pipkorn & Kilpatrick put their timeless style to the test by revisiting a Brighton home to complete a second stage of renovation. 

    Melbourne-based interior design firm Pipkorn and Kilpatrick pride themselves on the longevity of their designs. Proving to be quite the measure of Pipkorn & Kilpatrick’s timeless take is their staged involvement in this Edwardian home in Melbourne’s Bayside suburb of Brighton. Initially, the team took on the interior of the contemporary extension by Carr, letting the young family’s needs drive the design outcomes in the private and open-plan spaces. A couple of years later they returned to finish the original front of the home and better connect it with the new. We’re now excited to tour the fully refurbished abode and can assure you this home completion was definitely worth the wait. 

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    What guided the first stage of Pipkorn and Kilpatrick’s intervention was the needs of the young family (and their little pooch), who loved to entertain but wanted the space to nurture intimate family time. Their work was also integral to lending balance and subtle transition from the new into the old. The material selection looks at both of these concerns, particularly in the kitchen, with its clean white joinery, Carrara marble and concrete bench tops layered with oak. When asked what it was like to revisit the home, Pipkorn & Kilpatrick co-founder Jane Kilpatrick said it was both fun and reassuring to revisit. “Our design approach is always to achieve a time-resistant design that avoids too much novelty so it was validating to see the first stage still felt fresh and connected,” she said. 

    Co-founder Anna Skermer said it was great to pour their energy into the original part of the home, knowing the extension was functioning so well. She also credits having a receptive client ‘with a great eye’ who really appreciated the home’s original qualities and was ready to take its elegance up a notch. “It was great that our client was on board with a more sophisticated front of the house that hinted to the Edwardian era but had an elegance that maintained connection and flow with the extension,” she said. 

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    Pipkorn & Kilpatrick’s work on the original part of the home included the parent’s formal living room, master bedroom and ensuite. For superb contrast, the parent’s living space has been wrapped in a rich, moody palette that maintains a connection with the contemporary through bespoke joinery and the painted fireplace. The ensuite draws on the same light and soft palette as before, reflective of the light-doused kitchen and living area with its marble tiles and white joinery. As the design team highlights, the overhead light well reflects against the finishes to make the space feel more generous and add a sense of grandeur injected by the marble mass. In the bedroom, warm neutral linen furnishings and custom furniture generate the same sophisticated and enduring look. 

    The Brighton Home by Pipkorn & Kilpatrick makes the case for completing a home in two stages. This is what we call designing to the test of time.

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