Brighton House by Adam Kane Architects

  • Brighton House by Adam Kane Architects

    Adam Kane Architects take an existing Edwardian residence in Bayside Melbourne and transform it into a minimalist display of scale and grandeur.

    It’s no secret that Melbourne-based firm Adam Kane Architects are specialists in delivering timeless, pared-back designs that embody the phrase ‘less is more’. Case in point is their most recent project, Brighton House, where a series of modern and refined gestures yield a sense of longevity and resoluteness. We take a tour of the home, engaging in an intimate conversation with each abiding element.

    As with many of their other projects, Adam Kane Architects sought to inject a sense of clarity and calm into Brighton House. Wide-stretched corridors ensure ease of movement and flow, while full-scale glazing ensures uninterrupted views. “Establishing and reinforcing views through the home forms the foundations of Brighton House,” Adam says. The interiors are consistently drawn back to the surrounding landscape – to the garden and ocean beyond – a reminder to stay grounded and present in nature.

    Balancing the old with the new, the street entry remains largely the same, while the new rear addition embraces a more contemporary facade. Floor-length drapes ensure privacy, while also adding an element of exclusivity and mystery. The upper level of the house hangs over the back veranda, a testament to its everlasting structure.

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    A helical staircase marks the subtle transition between the old Brighton House and the reimagined extension. A sculpture within the home, the staircase offers curated angles and viewpoints, enhanced by an overhanging skylight.

    The home’s palette is bold yet measured – white marble bench-tops, speckled concrete floors, dark oak joinery and brass finishes. Complementing these materials are a series of linear approaches that illuminate and animate the interiors. “Restraint and refinement ensure attuned details are instilled throughout,” Adam says.

    Working within an existing mould, Adam Kane Architects have successfully cultivated an equally reductive and tranquil space.

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