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    It’s true that the team at Est Magazine are a little partial to crisp white interiors. So it’s natural that we are only too happy to share these images of Bronwyn Riedel‘s former home in Perth, Western Australia. We’re actually feeling a little guilty that we have had these pictures safely stowed away in our inspiration folder for quite some time and not shared them with you sooner!

    Way back in 2008, Petrina Tinslay photographed Bronwyn at home along with her husband Andreas and their son’s dog Mannie. Clearly, Bronwyn has a gift for designing contemporary spaces that do not date, as their home looks both as modern and relevant 5 years on, as it did back then. However, as the founder of Bauwerk Colour, a paint company specialising in lime paints, it’s little wonder that Bronwyn has mastered the perfect paint effect in her own home.

    The natural colour palette featured in the family home showcases the Bauwerk Colour range and demonstrates Bronwyn’s core philosophy on which she found Bauwerk; that homes and buildings should not be disconnected from the materials they are built from. Not only are the colours borrowed from nature but their creation too. Bauwerk paints are both beautiful and environmentally friendly with ingredients consisting solely of lime, clay, minerals and natural pigments.

    Now dividing her time between Australia and her new 21 room schloss just outside Berlin in Germany, Bronwyn has cast her eye to the development of the brand in the Middle East where the Bauwerk Colour range has started to build momentum, due to the Middle East’s similar climate to Australia.

    With a new look website for Bauwerk Colour, Bronwyn clearly recognises the power of images for inspiration. The addition of a ‘Colour Lab‘ resource has been a labour of love for Bronwyn and her team, who had a vision to create a fantastic paint swatch with a colour inspiration hub that reflect Bronwyn’s many and varied global wanderings.

    Of course, being Est, if we had to pick our favourite Bauwerk Colours we would be hard pressed to not turn to the wonderful whites. Whitewash, Chalk and Stone are three top picks here in the office. As for colour, it would have to be the grey scale of Shale, Salt Bush and Desert Oak. The Est colours.

    Best of all, these paints are made in Australia… with love and understanding.

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    Bauwerk Colour PHOTO © Petrina Tinslay Wonderful Whites

    PHOTOGRAPHY Petrina Tinslay

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  1. When this couple had their home on the market I had the photos on slide screen saver at work.
    Every time I left my part of the office people would look at the photos and comment how beautiful the place was and ask where in Europe it was? I saved those photos and look at them when dreaming. How I wish I had been able to purchase that place. It is so good knowing people like these are out there. I have used their colours in my home. Thank you Est for your thoughts on all things creative, liveable and stylish.

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