Brooke Holm’s ‘Arctic’ Exhibition

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    Melbourne based photographer, Brooke Holm, is not only one of the country’s most highly sought after editorial photographers, she is also proving to be a highly sought after photographic artist with her works selling out within days of an exhibition opening. You may recall that Holms, the mountain climbing photographer, also shares a deep love for beautiful, untouched landscapes from our past feature here?

    We thought we should share with you a heads up on Holm’s latest exhibition, ‘Arctic’, opening at the Sydney based homewares mecca, Koskela, next week. Showcasing the photographer’s recent exploration of the world’s most northern region, the Arctic has been captured by Holm as a hauntingly beautiful yet alarmingly fragile landscape in need of protection. The prevailing sense of stillness and isolation that Holm’s work conveys will stir even the most non reticent of environmentalists amongst us.

    ‘Arctic’ by Brooke Holm

    Koskela, 85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery, 2018.

    From 8th of August until the 27th of September 2015.


    Est Magazine Liefdefjorden brookeholm LR

    Liefdefjorden by Brooke Holm

    Est Magazine Raudfjorden brookeholm LR

    Raudfjorden by Brooke Holm

    Est Magazine Magdalenefjorden

    Magdalenefjorden by Brooke Holm

    Est Magazine raudfjorden II brookeholm LR

    Raudfjorden II by Brooke Holm

    Est Magazine Vasahalvøya brookeholm LR

    Vasahalvøya by Brooke Holm

    Est Magazine Nordaustlandet brookeholm LR

    Nordaustlandet by Brooke Holm

    Est Magazine Vanmijenfjorden brookeholm LR

    Vanmijenfjorden by Brooke Holm



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