Brussels Apartment by AE Studio

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    Rich and immersive, Brussels Apartment combines textural depth and diversity with the comforting sense of home. AE Studio draw from the owner’s love of collecting and propose a series of spaces that act to express individualism while embodying warmth.

    Set within a new building, Brussels Apartment is situated in the old area of Cartier, in Ixelles. With expansive views outward and beyond its small pocket of the world, its compact footprint ensures the home feels tightly connected to its surroundings.

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    Tumbled metal fronts align to create a band of curious colours and tones, beautifully balancing the use of timber and brass.

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    Acting as an escape for its owners from the city itself, the Brussels Apartment’s elevation and depth of layering offer a sense of departure from the humming of the streets below. An intentional and embedded calm is felt throughout and then entrenched with meaning through the collected and unique treasures.

    Originally a generous three-bedroom abode, the owner wanted to expand on the master suite and instead turned one of the bedrooms into a dedicated dressing room. As the home spreads across its 120sqm entire floor, a ring of terraces frames the outer edge of the home. As a result, there are full access views across the city from any angle and throughout the day.

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    Deep textures are matched by equally saturated tones to further emphasise the idea of escape and departure within the home. The use of dark greens dousing the hallway, shower and bathroom offers a coolness, complemented by brass and reflective accents. Darker copper tones then add warmth to the kitchen and living areas, complemented by similar timber, all combining to create various moments of the unexpected.

    Brussels Apartment sits between a restrained, minimal approach and a more decorative, allowing the owner and AE Studio to define a unique aesthetic. Colour and materiality combine to create a sense of atmosphere and mood, deepening the experience from within. In this way, the home feels grounded in place, almost as a balance to the lofted surroundings.

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