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    Architects from the Lisbon studio, Aires Mateus, have turned their hand to designing Cabanas No Rio, or in other words, ‘the ultimate designer fisherman hut’, overlooking the waterfront of Grândola, Portugal. You may recall their other amazing hospitality based project in Portugal from here.

    Using reclaimed timber to construct the cabins off site, the huts have been designed and then transported on site to function as two seperate areas. The first hut containing the living area, with a simple counter bench top for food preparation and the all important fish filleting, while the second hut has been designed for sleeping in a canopy covered bed dressed in white linen, and a small toilet and sheltered outdoor shower area off to the side.

    We can whole heartedly concur that for us fishing has never looked so intriguing.

    Est Magazine Aires Mateus Rio Feature Image copy

    Est Magazine Aires Mateus 02

    Est Magazine Aires Mateus 04

    Est Magazine Cabanas No Rio Bed

    Est Magazine Aires Mateus 06

    PHOTOGRAPHER: Nelson Garrido

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