At the edge of Spain’s Balearic Sea sits a villa that is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship.

Can Brut by Paris and Amsterdam-based Framework Studio lies in the centre of an 85,000 square-metre plot overlooking the Balearic Sea. The family villa adheres to a design vernacular that is both steeped in tradition and tethered to now.

The dining room features a wooden table crafted by the late Brazilian architect Jose’ Zanine Caldas and vintage Pierre Jeanneret chairs.

Most who descend on the island of Ibiza are looking for an escape from reality and for the family of Can Brut, their story is no different; the villa is their secluded sanctuary by the sea. As one of the smallest beaches on the island, the area remains largely unfrequented by travellers, rendering it a private cove for locals. The seabed is inlaid with smooth stone, making swimming and snorkelling an all-year round affair. The pool area draws inspiration from its sequestered locale; the ocean materialises in Verde Lapponia tiles, while the beach materialises in sandstone and Travertino Romano. The garden has all the hallmarks of Balearic island life, with lush romantic flowers and winding sandstone corridors. “We tried to capture the Balearic feel in the material palette,” Framework Studio senior architect and interior designer Alexandra Ramos says, striving for “comfortability and simplicity.”

Entering Can Brut, light floods the hallway creating an easy passage into the kitchen and living area. Curved ceilings reference traditional building methods and attribute an open, airy feel to the villa. Hidden skylights create depth, while internal elevations create contrast. An ongoing engagement with the outdoors is achieved through a direct line between indoor and outdoor spaces. Standing in the kitchen or living area, views of the pool and outdoor dining area are framed from all angles. “The view gives you this magical feeling of being completely secluded; of being off the beaten track,” Alexandra says. An ocean backdrop and century-old Sabina trees certainly affirm this.

The custom kitchen designed by Framework Studio features a material mix of oak, gunmetal and Travertino Romano. A vintage Alla Gould lounge chair and Arno de Clercq Senufo stool feature in the foreground.

A curation of vintage objects in the living room includes the circa 1970 vintage sculptural sectional sofa by Wiener Werstätten, vintage Conoid lounge chair by George Nakashima, Vincenzo de Cotiis coffee table and vintage wooden wall art piece by Nerone Patuzzi.

The bathroom palette is consistent with the kitchen, featuring gunmetal fixtures, oak and travertino romano.

The Arno de Clercq Senufo stool is a recurring theme in the villa, as is the custom woodwork designed by Framework Studio, including the headboard in fabric and elmwood.

With a focus on craftsmanship, Framework Studio have paired custom woodwork with minimalist sculptural pieces – a vintage Wiener Werstatten sofa, and a one-of-a-kind wall art piece by Nerone Patuzzi – consummating an unpretentious and organic interior. Vintage, pre-loved pieces are the guiding motif, while honest materials are the foundation. Framework Studio’s philosophy is grounded in “enabling the true identity of materials to come through”;

Can Brut by Framework Studio bears witness to the synergy between craftsmanship and context, attesting to the importance of being present in the world around us.

This piece originally appeared in est magazine issue #44.

The outdoor dining area is the hero of the home; a space to park on warm summer nights and soak up the surroundings.

Verde Lapponia lines the inside of the pool, while limestone was used for the outside, and outdoor area.

The home’s traditional stonework exterior and garden walls set the tone for the artisanal details within.

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