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    Artist Carmel Seymour’s delicate and detailed works on paper have us both mesmerised and intrigued as she takes us on an exploration of ideas of science, psychology and identity in an extremely personal and intimate way.

    Showing at the Helen Gory Galerie  from 15 May – 8 June, Seymour’s exhibition ‘Romance Hero ‘ is a one to pencil in your diaries. Examining the notion that actions can in fact change  and influence emotions, Seymour’s work illustrates the power of the body over the mind.

    Using team building games as a reference point from which Seymour explores the idea of – well –  faking it before you make it, Seymour’s works challenge the notion of faking your actions in order to create a real emotional response.

    In the case of this current series of work, the emotional response induces a sense of inclusion and intimacy, even amongst strangers.  The ‘Romance Hero’ series illustrate the lengths we will go to in order to experience connection with another human being, while seeking a sense of wonder and romance at the same time.

    Having graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honors in 2009, Seymour spends her time between Iceland, Berlin and home town Melbourne. The artists latest works on paper  encourage the viewer to make a myriad of their own interpretations.

    We would love for you to to tell us yours…

    Carmel Seymour in studio2 Helen Gory Gallery Est Magazine copy

    Carmel Seymour
    A walk in the park, 2013
    Pencil on paper, 72 x 52cm

    Carmel Seymour
    Trust games 2, 2013
    Watercolour and pencil on paper, 72 x 52cm

    Carmel Seymour
    Group hug, 2013
    Watercolour, pencil and salt on paper, 72 x 52cm



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