Carpenter’s Square by Architects EAT

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    In response to orientation and aspect, The Carpenter’s Square takes form as a gesture to liveability and climatic comfort. Architects EAT strike a balance between open and closed, carving out unique areas of retreat infused with warmth and tactility.

    As an addition to an existing Edwardian-era home, The Carpenter’s Square extends the lineage of the home’s ornate and highly detailed origins through the composition of its added select insertions. Inherited in a partly restored and partly dilapidated state, the existing character remained and begged for a return to its original intent.

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    Extending the original proportions of the home out from the old into the new reinforces the original narrative, while warm timber and Bowral300 – Murray Grey brick elements infuse warmth. Notable pieces in this space include the Kai Kristiansen Kai #42 chair  and the Rosendahl Klukflaske on the dining table.

    For Architects EAT and their client, it was integral that the existing charm was captured and celebrated. Any element added needed to act as a contemporary evolution of what existed prior. Formally, the rear addition marks out the shape of the home’s namesake, a carpenter’s square, opening to allow a connection between inside and out, optimising daylight.

    As an expression of the carpenter’s work and of the many trades integrated, the new adds to the old through refined and heightened detailing and subtle junctions. Extending outward and reaching deeper into the site, the addition becomes a protrusion from the original form that meanders in an L-shape formation as it traverses the site.

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    The careful balancing between open and closed encourages effortless movement throughout. The dining space includes art by Craig Handley from Studio Gallery, while a piece by Andrea Wilson features on the kitchen shelf.

    Focussing inward, the home’s exterior sits as a supplementary element on site, instead of allowing for a layered and detailed approach to unfold internally. Raw bricks and timber elements create a textural richness, creating shadow and a sense of depth as light interplays with each.

    A sense of balance ultimately underlies The Carpenters Square, seeing a deliberate restraint and minimal approach to the encasing features of the home. A celebration of how a contemporary home is experienced, from within, each contributing layer weaves its crafted Edwardian past together with a modern understanding of materiality. Architects EAT ensure an enduring resolve as a result for its owners for the many more years to come.

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    The bathroom features towels from Loom Towels and the Anchor Ceramics Potter light.

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