Casa Chiaroscuro by Biasol

  • Casa Chiaroscuro by Biasol

    Melbourne design practice Biasol welcome us inside their Casa Chiaroscuro project, earning its title from the artistic technique of chiaroscuro. 

    Biasol director Jean-Pierre Biasol has called on his Italian heritage to inform a newly built home in Melbourne. Chiaroscuro, meaning ‘light-dark’ in Italian, is the artistic effect of contrasting light and shade. This technique influenced the design firm’s approach to creating a modern and minimal abode for a young family, by balancing natural light and dark surfaces.

    The clients called on Biasol to design a comfortable family home, with adequate room to host large gatherings. They hoped their Casa Chiaroscuro could nurture them with both voluminous and intimate spaces. 

    “The client’s design brief –modern, minimal and beautiful – gave us the freedom to use colour and materials in a way we hadn’t seen before,” Jean-Pierre says. To ensure a timeless and tranquil home, Biasol drew inspiration from chiaroscuro to emphasise tonal contrast. For the exterior, this took shape by selecting grey concrete render on the upper storey and black timber cladding for the lower storey. Inside, sunlight spills into the home through floor-to-ceiling glass windows, sliding doors and a central skylight, highlighting the monochromatic scheme.  

    From the front entrance, Casa Chiaroscuro sets the tone for light and bright interiors, with a glass and timber staircase that leads to the private spaces upstairs. The ground floor spans the study, entertainment room, kitchen, dining and lounge, which opens up onto the alfresco dining area. A strong connection to the outdoors has been established through the expansive glazing, revealing views of both the garden and pool, and neighbouring parkland. 

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    In the kitchen, Biasol selected White Fantasy veined white marble from CDK Stone for the benchtop and splashback, for tonal contrast with the jet-black joinery. This is further enhanced by the IC LIGHTS S1 pendants by Michael Anastassiades for Flos, from Euroluce. “We designed bold compositions of black joinery to provide depth and contrast in light-filled spaces and denote the places where the family comes together,” Jean-Pierre explains. The black joinery also makes an appearance in the study and black outdoor kitchen area, mirroring the black timber battens of the custom fireplace. 

    The dark timber Rhomb dining setting by Prostoria is where the family naturally gather. Being an open-plan space, it also provides the ease of retreating to the sofa. The polished concrete flooring is softened by the Halcyon Lake rug and linen sheers, establishing a balance of soft and hard elements.

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    The strong design language of the ground floor has not been lost upstairs. Each of the bathrooms feature black taps from Sussex Taps’ ‘Circa’ range, Terrazzo from Fibonacci Stone and a luxurious black bath. The children’s bathroom features grey terrazzo for a lighter space, while the master ensuite captures the luxurious, calming effect of dark materials. The IC LIGHTS S1 pendants by Michael Anastassiades for Flos, from Euroluce also make another striking appearance in the master ensuite. 

    Biasol’s Casa Chiaroscuro brings to light the ability to craft a sophisticated family home, by perfecting an age-old artistic technique.

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  1. Beautiful home! Love everythimg! Can you tell me what material surrounds the fireplace? Is that a slab or tile pieces?

  2. Hi Renee,

    We recommend reaching out to Biasol directly to learn more about the fireplace design in this project.


    The est Team

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