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    In the quiet Portuguese town of São Brás de Alportel, Belgian hospitality design studio The Addresses have forged a boutique holiday house that embodies the town’s laid-back coastal lifestyle.

    São Brás de Alportel, located in the Algarve region of southern Portugal, attracts those seeking an unhurried, authentic Portuguese experience. Casa Quatro is housed within a historic residential building  20 minutes from the town’s centre, offering a convenient yet secluded site to stay. “Understated luxury” was the atmosphere The Addresses set out to create, seamlessly blending the old and the new to foster a genuine connection to place.

    With enough space to accommodate up to eight guests – including four bedrooms in total, each with its own ensuite bathroom – and all the amenities of a self-contained holiday house – including a well-equipped modern kitchen and bar pre-stocked with the best Portuguese wines – Casa Quatro is designed to let guests live peacefully among the locals. The house also includes a spacious rooftop terrace and swimming pool, harmonising with the locals’ relaxed, outdoor-focused approach to life.

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    The vaulted, brick-lined ceilings are a nod to the original architecture of the building.

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    The house comprises a well-equipped modern kitchen and bar, affording guests the freedom to stay in and cook.

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    Objekto Paulistano Armchair (Black Frame/Natural Leather)
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    Michael Anastassiades Brass Architectural S150 Wall Lamp

    A sense of the new is achieved through contemporary furniture and art. The living space features the Objekto Paulistano armchair and Michael Anastassiades brass architectural S150 wall lamp.

    The home’s palette draws on a combination of traditional materials, including preserved brickwork for the interior ceilings and restored lime-plaster for the interior and exterior walls, articulating a sense of the old. The spaces are also enlivened with natural wood, stone and textiles, lending a contemporary touch.

    Casa Quatro is The Addresses’ fourth hospitality project and their first in the Algarve region, marking an exciting milestone for the studio as they continue to craft enriching and authentic experiences tailored to the modern traveller.

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    est living cube circle cuero outdoor sunbrella butterfly chair 01 150x150
    Cuero Outdoor Sunbrella Butterfly Chair

    The rooftop terrace offers views of the surrounding hills. Pictured are a pair of Cuero Butterfly chairs.

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