Caulfield Residence by Pipkorn & Kilpatrick

Within the bones of an Art Deco-inspired home, Caulfield Residence by Pipkorn & Kilpatrick shows how a refined and reserved muted palette can drench an artist’s home in light.

Debating whether to abandon the poorly assembled parts that made up their current home, the clients of Caulfield Residence decided to remain and renovate. The location and amenity served its purpose, but a sense of flow, connection and openness was missing. The brief was generated from a want to create a home that was both light and airy, with strategically concealed storage, and where everything had its place. Similar to previously featured Pipkorn & Kilpatrick projects on est, including Bendigo Street Home and Opposites Attract, Pipkorn & Kilpatrick have delivered again, through their deliberately minimal and exacting lens.

In order to embrace the opportunities of the wide allotment, the original home was widened and an extension beyond the heritage setback which created the new footprint. Like many period homes, the access to natural light, ventilation and connection were inhibitors and the renovation became the welcome remedy.

Through re-planning and expanding the overall footprint, a more prominent entry was created, as was a generous master suite, large entertaining living space and kitchen that all open invitingly onto the backyard and landscaped elements.

The extension takes the form of a vaulted ‘A’ frame, with thin black framed window openings, allowing light to spill into the open interior space. Ceilings were lifted and openings created with large sliding doors and additional skylights which punctuate the ceiling. The size and scale of these gestures all reinforce the connection of the home to the exterior spaces and skyline.

Materially, the palette is one of restraint, open for manipulation and as a deliberate backdrop for the client’s own artwork. The use of a muted series of colours and finishes, together with natural stone and oak flooring, permeates a minimal sensibility, while the layered collection of textural and natural-rich objects and furniture add a level of enviable depth. Pipkorn & Kilpatrick have created a timeless home, extending the life of its previous planning, and given a new future to Caulfield Residence.

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