CC Residence by ECRU Studio

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    ECRU Studio unite rustic warmth and a European design sensibility in a compact apartment in Taipei’s Da’an District, Taiwan. 

    ECRU translates to ‘beige’ or ‘unbleached’ in French and reflects the studio’s ethos of balance and timelessness – a concept at the core of the CC Residence. Established by former antique dealer Jin Chen, it’s no surprise that all of ECRU Studio’s projects spotlight iconic Italian and French mid-century furniture. The studio’s most recent project – the redesign of a three-storey ground floor apartment for a family of four – explores the deliberate tension between old and new through soft tones and tactile materials. 

    Relocating back to Taiwan after spending almost a decade in Canada, the owner was after a home with a deep-rooted connection to the outdoors. The CC Residence is just that; albeit in the heart of a bustling metropolis, the apartment features a garden, expansive full-height windows and 3.6 metre high ceilings – all a rarity in Taipei City. 

    Founder and director Jin Chen defines his style as ‘decorative minimalist’. “The design process is about adding layers, but also paring back to the minimum to create simplicity and achieve a sense of harmony,” Jin explains. So while the apartment is filled with eclectic furniture, artwork, sculptures and lighting, the design framework of the home is effortless; Dinesen oak floors, polished plaster walls and timber ceiling beams.

    A subtle design element distinguishes each room from the next on the first floor; antique limestone flooring in the kitchen shifts to oak in the dining space, and a glossy black-painted frame establishes the transition from the dining room into the lounge. It’s here where ECRU Studio’s eye for antique pieces comes to the fore, including a boucle sofa, vintage Maison Regain curved coffee table and Rene Gabriel armchairs, forming a cozy and comfortable living setting.

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    A glossy black-painted frame and custom-made wall lights contrast the muted walls in the living room. The vintage Maison Regain curved coffee table is in the company of a vintage boucle sofa, Rene Gabriel armchairs and a mid-century table lamp by Tommaso Barbi.

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    The Boulbon Club armchair by am designs lends a softness to the living room, paired with a French wooden sculpture.

    The master bedroom hones a traditional Parisian aesthetic through an ornate fireplace mantle, pleated bed valance and intricate architraves. Contemporary lighting including the Nemo Saori Q1 wall light and Workstead Chamber wall lamp reinstate Jin Chen’s clever way of intertwining old with new.

    CC Residence by ECRU Studio is an atypical family home with an all-encompassing sense of character and history.

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    The Nemo Saori Q1 wall light by Japanese designer Kazuhide Takahama has its own designated nook within the wall in the master bedroom.

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    The master bedroom features an antique timber door, originally from an old French castle.

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