Central Park Road Residence II by studiofour

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    Stealthy sitting behind the silhouette of its remnant heritage home, Central Park Road Residence II emerges as the considered renovation and extension of the home’s previous self.

    studiofour have utilised materiality and a revised sense of spatial interactions to tie the eras together with a newfound purpose, expressed through a series of muted and textured tones.

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    Sited in Melbourne’s inner east, Central Park Road Residence II is the coming together of time. While referencing the previous era of the original home, the new extends outward as an extrusion of the presiding silhouette, projecting and opening up as a welcoming volume for its family to gather and convene.

    The new is disguised in a way, ensuring an uninterrupted streetscape. As a reference to the original crafted detailing, the new insertions speak to a considered whole and the interiors read as one deliberate space, separated only by the most intimate of nuanced details.

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    The Waldorf Suspension Triple Light by Lambert & Fils and Thonet No 811 Hoffmann Chair.

    As a means to bring the old and new together, a new unified language is created – one that combines elements of the handmade, while also bringing a sense of clarity and calm to the home as a whole. At the core of the home is an open and free-flowing movement of its parts, where layering allows for areas to be subtly assigned and where pockets of privacy still exist amongst the openness. As a key focus, natural light was encouraged deep into the home, and a muted materiality then aids in supporting and emphasising the grand sense of space.

    Although reinterpreted through its own contemporary and minimal lens, the formality of the original home is retained and brought into the new and expressed through symmetry and a solid axis that connect the spaces. A strongly monochromatic palette further reinforces a grandness of scale and height, leading the eye upward. Through the combination of softly textured walls, muted neutral colours, consistent flooring and the drama of the vaulted ceiling space to the rear, the resulting home feels lofty and embracing.

    Central Park Road Residence II offers itself as a timeless and consistent extension of the home’s original narrative. studiofour have brought a new presence through cohesive measures, and the resulting home is a nod to a highly measured and deliberate approach.

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